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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Express Group adopts the concept of sustainable governance to ensure the optimal performance and the implementation of our corporate social responsibility as well as to fulfill our commitment, especially in providing added values, to all of the stakeholders. The concept of sustainable governance is in line with our philosophy that the Express Group is not solely about obtaining economic gains but it is also about improving the welfare and living standard of our drivers through the taxi ownership scheme.

As the member of the Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN), a network of organization which is part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Express Group assumes the responsibility to maintain its sustainability of business and operation. It is achieved by professional conduct and the implementation of good corporate governance principles.

The implementation of sustainable governance includes ensuring there is no conflict of interest situation amongst the company’s officers, our internal commitment which puts drivers as the equal partner in the taxi ownership scheme, the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programs, efforts to preserve the environment and building up a continuing relationship with the stakeholders of the Express Group.



In 2008, the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) officially recognized the partnership scheme the Express Group that has been applying since 1997 as an example of effective partnership program which can help the UN program to eradicate poverty in the world. In its 2008 “Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor” report, the UNDP included the Express Group --the only local (Indonesian) business organization mentioned in the report-- as a case study where its business model has effectively engaged the underprivileged to improve their welfare.



  • Scholarship for children of drivers and employees.
  • Fund for Idul Adha for Community (in pool).
  • Fund for Prophet of Muhammad SAW (event in pool).
  • Reforestation of planting trees at pools.
  • Implementation Solar Energy.
  • Fasting Break with Communities and Employees.
  • Scholarship for children of drivers and employees
  • Religion event with Aa Gym (in pool Bekasi) for drivers and employees.
  • Health Workshop: Health awareness Cancer on Children.
  • Fund for Idul Adha for Community (in pool).
  • Express Care for you on Valentine’s day.
  • Raising HOPE YKAKI – Expanding the coporation with YKAKI in term of pick up service to 5 hospitals instead of 1 hospital.
  • Socialization of prevention and treatment Cervical cancer.
  • Sponsoring a student in attending World CSR Forum in presenting Express Group CSR program in New Orleans – US.
  • Health Workshop: Socialization of anti- smoking: World’s Anti Tobacco Day.
  • Fund for Isra Mi’raj for community (in pool).
  • Increasing the implementation solar energy.