Investor Relation

Shareholder Information

Express Group is an integrated land transportation services that provide convenience for all passengers. We are fully committed to developing our growth potentials and generating maximum returns and added values to all of our stakeholders. Whereas the land transportation business especially taxi services remains strong with positive growth trend, we aim to become a leading total transportation solution company in Indonesia. Through innovation and our proven experience in the business, we will continuously develop various land transportation modes and services.


Capital and Shareholding Structure

Nominal value Rp100 (one hundred Rupiah) per share


 Shareholders   Shares  Rupiah                    (%) 
 Authorized Capital 5,400,000,000  540,000,000,000 
Issued and fully paid-up capital      
1.   PT Rajawali Corpora 1,094,310,000 109,431,000,000 51.00
2.   PT Karya Loka Persada 10,000 1,000,000 0.00
3.   Public 1,051,280,000 105,128,000,000 49.00
Total Issued and fully paid-up capital 2,145,600,000 214,560,000,000 100.00
Unsubscribed shares 3,254,400,000 325,440,000,000


List of submitted documents to IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) and OJK (Indonesia Financial Services Authority)*

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